In addition to reinforcing the house style in terms of colour and form, icons are mainly used to convey a meaning graphically. The Q-Park icons represent a service, object, action, idea or function.

Figure 31 Icons for motorists, in PFs, are red

Figure 32 Icons for activities and services

Service icons

The service icons visualise the services available in a parking facility. These are indicated in parking facility signage (white on a green background). Furthermore, services and facilities are shown on parking facility pages of the country websites (monochrome grey icons).

The Q-Park icons are available in various formats (AI, PNG and SVG). As there are many icons and frequent additions and/or updates, please check IDEFIX for the latest versions.


If you have any queries about the Brand Identity or need help applying it, please feel free to send an e-mail to sacha.oerlemans@q-park.com