Tone of voice


All Q-Park communications should be clear and concise, and easy to understand at a glance - for visuals, and on first reading for texts. Follow your country/language ‘plain language’ guidelines.

  • Use inclusive language so not to offend

  • Use the active voice to communicate in a direct, concise and dynamic tone

  • Be positive and emphasise what can be done

  • Give credit for sources and images used and respect copyright

Writing for the digital world

Text for web pages should be brief and to the point.

  • One page deals with a single topic or one specific key word

  • Use maximum 200-250 words per screen, yet provide complete information

  • Use short sentences but do not oversimplify

Website visitors scan rather than read.

  • Structure the information using headings and subheadings

  • Always mention in the 1st heading of your text the key word of the page

  • Ensure that headings, paragraphs and colours are used consequentially

  • Use bullets to convey information concisely

  • Use FuturaTDem to emphasize (never bold)

Make the text inviting and attractive:

  • Use the key word of the page in the title

    • Keep titles brief (maximum 88 characters)

    • Avoid superlatives in titles

  • When placing links in text, inform visitors what they will find

Quality check

Use this checklist before publishing or sending out anything you have written.

  • Is the spelling and grammar correct, use the spelling checker but don’t rely on it

  • Is the text well structured and logical

  • Is everything covered

  • Is the content accurate

  • Is the level of detail appropriate

  • Is there irrelevant information that can be omitted

  • Is the communication:

    • accurate

    • specific

    • concise

    • consistent

    • unbiased