Business cards

The business cards are printed on both sides in the two Q-Park primary colours (black and red). On the front, the Q-Park logo is placed in the upper left-hand corner.

Download Adobe InDesign Business Card template

Figure 53 Business card grid

The business card should contain the following information:

  • name

  • job title

  • PO box address (post address)

  • address (visiting address)

  • country

  • office telephone number

  • mobile phone, if applicable

  • e-mail address, if applicable

  • URL of the country website

vCard QR Code

This information may also be added on the reverse of the business card as a QR code, which contains the business card details as a vCard. The QR code offers convenience as a smartphone adds the details automically as a contact.


For offset printing use Distinction Elegance, 250 gr/m2
For digital printing use Symbol Freelife satin, 300 gr/m2