Rights and consent

Photography rights

Agreements with photographers must be worded to ensure that Q-Park has unlimited use of any photographs uploaded to Idefix and that Q-Park owns international copyright to these images. If formal arrangements need to be made, make them in line with international standards. The arrangements agreed must be signed and documented.

Persons consent

All employees and members of the public captured (recognisable) on the visuals must give their consent to be photographed and must sign the appropriate consent form indicating their approval and allowing Q-Park to use these visuals for in- and external international commercial purposes.

Consent form must be completed and signed before the photoshoot is completed.

Photo disclaimer

It is advisable to include a photo disclaimer on the website (or other public usage of the visual) as most visuals are primarily taken in public places.

If Q-Park does not own the copyright to a photo used on the website or in another publication the photographer who owns the copyright must always be credited.