Photo resolution

In the naming conventions section, a distinction is made between low resolution (lr) and high resolution (hr).

Low resolution (lr)

Photos with this resolution can be used for PowerPoint presentations, memo’s and reports. The minimum quality is specified as follows:

  • Resolution 1024 x 768

  • Quality 72 dpi

  • Colour settings sRGB IEC61966-2.1

    • sRGB has a small colour range which is a safe standard to work with as most systems recognise this colour range

High resolution (hr)

High resolution photos can be used for print work of corporate reports, posters and other marketing collateral. The minimum quality is specified as follows:

  • Quality 300 dpi

  • Colour settings Adobe RGB

  • Adobe RGB has a much higher colour range than sRGB, so there is less risk of quality loss

File properties

Additional information about the photo should be added to the Properties --> details section:

  • Author = name of photographer

  • Description = e.g. location in parking facility

  • Tags

  • Copyright status:

    • Is there copyright?

    • Who owns the rights?

    • What has been agreed upon with the photographer!