Partnership signage

We welcome partnerships who offer relevant services in our parking facilities. We acknowledge the importance of their house style appearance. However, in our 'house', the Q-Park house style is leading. But we do provide our partners with opportunities to integrate their way finding, retail (office space) recognition and advertisement signage in our house style.

In this chapter:

  • Signage

    • External guidance

    • Internal guidance

    • Parking space(s)

  • Alternative use space(s)

  • Media integration

    • Onsite poster frames

    • Onsite tariff posters at access points

    • Onsite advertisement panels

    • Online website(s)

    • Online app(s)

  • Other conditions

  • Internal process

In the process of composing/signing the contract or (sub)lease with partners, there needs to be a sign-off by Q-Park Commercial Leads and a design sign-off by Corporate Real Estate.


External signage

Partner logos are kept to a minimum as motorists should not be distracted. No additional information such as websites, phone numbers et cetera are allowed.

Internal signage

  • Partner logo can be incorporated on a light grey Dibond sign attached to a typical Q-Park directional arrow sign (red for motorists and green for pedestrians).

  • Signs have to be installed by Q-Park’s local signage contractor who has the measurements and technical specifications of that particular site available.

  • The number of signs are kept to a minimum and all positions have to be approved by Q-Park prior to installation.

To integrate the style of a third party in our house style, it must be applied as followed: The used material is a standard aluminium plate or the standard Dibond plate (RAL 9006). The printable area is 35 mm smaller on each side with a sign of 300 x 300 mm. (What about double sizes?) Other measurements need to be scaled from this ratio. A sign of 250 x 250 mm has a edge distance of 30 mm.

Photo example motorists - single and double size templates + example

Photo example pedestrians - single and double size templates + example

Parking space(s)

Partner logos can be located above or at the back of a parking space. The measurements of these signs are usually 300 x 300 mm.

Photo example parking space

Alternative use space(s)

Wall and floor colours have to be respected. In case new finishes will be applied and/or company logos are needed to emphasize the third-party function, a design sign-off by Corporate Real Estate is required.

Media integration


  1. Partner poster: advertisement by means of A1 posters is possible using dedicated Q-Park A1 poster frames, provided for and planned by marketing. Sign-off of poster design by marketing is required.

  2. Partner services: integration of services offered on Q-Park Prices & Services poster(s) at access points and payment machines is possible after consultation and approval by marketing. Photo example(s)

  3. Advertisement panels

    1. Placement of advertisement: please contact the relevant advertising company.

    2. Location of panels:

      1. Careful selection is necessary as they may not hinder our customers. Location proposals must by signed-off by Corporate Real Estate.

      2. Do not position near access and exit points of motorists.

      3. Barrier panels are not allowed as they interfer with our parking technology

      4. We work with preferred suppliers and media partners. Country consistency is required with one style of frames and panels, according to Q-Park housestyle principles.

      5. Every new contract proposal (per parking facility) is based on a physical visit by at least the media partner and Q-Park operations, preferably accompanied by Real Estate and Marketing.

      6. A maintenance programme needs to be integrated in the contract and has to involve:

        • routine maintance activities

        • rapid response service

        • safety and preventive maintenance activities

        • inspection and quality control

        • customer service and complaint handling

      7. Highest quality products

        • Both static and dynamic panels need to be constructed with the best-tested and reliable parts.

        • Casings need to be suitable for its environment.

        • Casings are made of aluminum and will be powder-coated in the desired Q-Park colour.

        • Glass must be toughened or layered safety glass.


  1. Partner services website: integration of services offered on Q-Park website(s) is possible after consultation and approval by marketing. Photo example(s)

  2. Partner services app:

Other conditions

Lighting: the type and method of connection to the electrical installation is to be agreed up front and has to be performed by an official electrial contractor to ensure a labelled and quality connection. Also, if energy consumption will need to be measured and invoiced separately, this has to be part of the contract.

Water and drainage: in case water is needed, a propor organisation of collecting water is required. Slip hazards have to be prevented at all times. Responsibilities have to be stated clearly in the contract.

End of contract

  • The contract between Q-Park and a third party should always include a clause on restoring the location in its original state.

  • Confirmation and agreement from both parties is essential on who is responsible for the various elements such as signage, technical installations, ...

Internal process

To finetune the process of acceptance and/or contract negotiation with a third-party, the following departments are involved:

  • Country organisation: Asset Management, Sales & Marketing, Operations

  • Group organisation: Corporate Real Estate, Corporate Brand

Organisation chart