Project Lead

The local Project Manager is responsible for the realisation of the project. The PM is responsible for:

  • Creating a proper project description.

  • Getting all the necessary technical and operational information.

  • Collecting enough drawings, sketches and other necessary items, to complete the project according to Q-Park standards.

Project Knowhow

  • Signs are mostly fixed on the ceiling. Ducts, trunks, light fittings and beams can easily interfere or obstruct the signs.

  • Health & Safety and other statutory signage can also interfere with, or even obstruct the signs.

  • All technical information and other signage needs (drawings of plans and sections, available pictures, et cetera) must be at hand before designing the signage plan.

  • Less is more i.e. design and layout should be clear, a minimum of signage is sufficient to guide our customers.

    • Necessary traffic signs at car entry (speedlimit, height, tidal flow-traffic, ...)

    • Necessary information in car park at decision points.

    • Mandatory information such as escape routes.

  • Avoid country specific signs as Q-Park is an international brand.

    • If needed signs are not available on IDEFIX, send a request to with a proposal and explanation of the need.

    • If the request is granted, it will be designed and added to the IDEFIX toolkit.

    • The sign has to be put in the project plan and on the sign list to enable easy maintenance.

  • Each signage plan adheres to the Q-Park Housestyle Rules & Principles.

  • Each signage plan is signed-off by Corporate Car Park Design and MH1.

Project Tools

IDEFIX holds all files to create a signage-plan; drawings, icons, visual references, et cetera.

  • The standard language is British English.

  • Country specific languages are made by the PM.

  • Supply correct names, terms and references when a signage-plan is to be made by MH1.

Project Team

A PM cannot work alone on a signage plan. A PM sets-up a design meeting with Operations and Marketing colleagues to discuss plans, as they need to provide their requirements on operational and commercial needs, for early consideration.

  • Questions to be answered by Operations are:

    • locations of the payment machine,

    • which means of payment,

    • where is the night entry,

    • what kind of services are provided, et cetera?

  • Marketing questions include:

    • locations of information signs,

    • locations of advertising signs,

    • illuminated signs,

    • LCD screens, et cetera.

Project Procedures

There are two ways to proceed on the design of the signage plan.

  • A) The PM takes care of the design.

    • The PM is fully responsible for designing, manufacturing and fixing of the signage plan.

    • The PM may always consult Corporate Car Park Design.

  • B) The PM puts in a request at Corporate Car Park Design (working together with MH1).

    • PM share all aforementioned information with CCPD, who will share with MH1.

    • MH1 provides, in most cases, also parking bay drawings and road markings.

    • MH1 asks, when needed, for the right format in which the information, pictures and drawings have to be provided, in order to proceed and respond rapidly.

      • (Note: floor plans are often not enough to proceed.)

    • MH1 creates a proposal which will be shared by the CCPD with the PM. It includes a list of all signs, with its picture and reference number.

    • PM:

      • Final control and remarks, preferably on-site.

      • Informs Operations and Marketing and gathers their remarks.

      • The signage plan with remarks are shared with CCPD and MH1.

    • MH1 processes all remarks and creates a set of final drawings.

    • PM receives final set and obtains all necessary files from IDEFIX.

Project Execution

The PM must pay attention when fixing the signs as in most cases our signs are the last to be erected, there is a chance of unforeseen obstruction. I.e. just sticking to the original plan may end in non-visible signs, adjustments have to be made.


  • Adjustments may occur while executing the original plan, and while operating the parking facility.

  • Executed adjustments must always be put in a revised plan, so replacements and repairs are based on correct plans.

  • Revised plans may be made by the local sign maker of by MH1, this is up to the PM.


A signage plan is a tool to be used during the lifetime of a parking facility. Therefor:

  • Each sign has its own code and/or a set of codes form a sign.

  • Code numbers are placed on the signage plan (not drawing) showing location and layout.

  • The signage plan is accompanied by a list of code number, the location and the way of fixing will be shown within that code list.