Consent form employees

Please adapt/adopt the copy according to country specific needs and place it in a relevant Q-Park template.

Concept text

Subject: Consent to use portrait visuals

Dear colleague,

Q-Park likes to use visuals of employees, taken while working for Q-Park, in its promotional material.

By means of this agreement, we are asking you to explicitly give your consent for this. If you agree to the conditions stated in this letter, we kindly request you to enter your details and sign the letter for approval, and then to return it to the Marketing Department. Remember to keep a copy for yourself.

Q-Park <The Netherlands>, with offices at <address, postal code and city>, further referred to as ‘Q-Park’, and <first and last name>, further referred to as ‘employee’ agree the following:

Employee consents to the agreed pose category and/or working environment:

  • Yes/No: Portrait

  • Yes/No: Working environment (office and/or Q-Park Control Room)

  • Yes/No: Parking facility

Employee contact details:

  • Location (office/parking/other):

  • Position within Q-Park

  • Q-Park telephone number

  • Q-Park e-mail address

Parties have agreed as follows:

Clause 1

Employee agrees that the visuals may be used for Q-Park's promotional purposes in material such as, but not limited to, internal communications, intranet, Q-Park website, and external communication means such as posters, flyers, stock images etc. For its own promotional purposes, Q-Park is permitted to share visuals of the employee with third parties.

Clause 2

Q-Park is expressly forbidden to use, or have used, visuals, or parts thereof, for creating images that detract from the original subject or design of the assignment, or that may cause damage to the intentions, integrity and/or privacy of the employee or Q-Park.

Clause 3

Q-Park will not divulge information to third parties that may infringe the employee's privacy, such as personal details, unless the employee has given prior consent to do so.

We trust we have set out our agreements clearly. Should you have any questions concerning this agreement, please contact the Marketing Department.

Kind regards,

<Q-Park company name>

<Name of Marketing Manager>



<Employee name>

<Employee position>