Brand Identity

The Q-Park Brand Identity is all about how we present ourselves and how we want to be recognised and perceived by stakeholders. In essence it is a promise of what people can expect from us.

  • Brand identity

    • Our name, logo, colours, shapes and other visual elements in our parking facilities, services and promotions

    • Our language in communications

    • How we interact with customers

    • Our international consistency, in both tangible and digital materials

  • Brand image is the actual result of these efforts

  • Brand equity is the measurable totality of a brand's worth

    • The Q-Park trade name, an intangible fixed asset, was valued at EUR 73.4 million (acquisition by KKR Infrastructure in 2017)

Q-Park Brand Identity is a strategic marketing tool to support business development and increase customer satisfaction, with side effects such as economy of scale and reduced price sensitivity.

  • Q-Park's Brand Toolbox and Marketing Methods help Q-Park to distinguish itself from competitors.

  • Q-Park's Brand Custodian manages the Q-Park Brand and is focused on long term stewardship to create and maintain shareholder value.

This manual describes the Q-Park Brand Identity in detail and contains digital references, downloads and interaction options. Everyone in the Q-Park organisation who communicates internally and/or externally bears responsibility for adhering to, as well as building and maintaining the Q-Park Brand.

Guiding principles

  • Contact Corporate Brand & Communications

    • If you have questions, suggestions and/or additional requirements

    • When you wish to develop something new

    • If you wish to adapt something that already exists

  • Direct downloadable items are clearly indicated

  • Indirect downloadable items are clearly indicated (and can be found in Idefix)

  • Always use the Q-Park templates for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

By following the Q-Park Brand Identity guidelines for all our expressions, in-house, online and in print, we all contribute to ‘Quality in parking’ and reinforce the Q-Park Brand.