Design consideration


Besides signage, there is branding. On IDEFIX you may find a variety of examples with typical branding solutions, helping you with your signage proposal.

  • Branding items must be designed by CCPD (MH1). They will support the PM where needed.

  • MH1 provides a proposal, awaiting feedback and/or approval from CCPD and PM.

  • PM checks the signage plan and conducts a final control onsite.

  • PM acquires the necessary permits and agreements to erect branding items.


Has to be designed according to the standard.


When creating a signage plan, picture yourself as a Q-Park customer, as motorist and as pedestrian.

  • Motorists on the public road see our exterior blue P sign.

  • Motorists in our PF, driving and parking, follow red signs.

  • Pedestrians in our PF exiting the PF follow green signs.

  • Pedestrians on the public road see our exterior blue signs.

  • Motorists exiting our PF follow red signs.

In some cases the design of a parking facility cannot be changed. However, we always seek to design the clearest rotation and guide the customer with proper markings and arrows on parking floors.

  • Signs for motorists are kept to a minimum, providing only essential information, where choices need to be made.

  • Orientation signage shows at least the floor level, in some cases section and bay number.

  • We may show empty spaces available by VMS (Variable Message Sign).

  • We keep the exit route as short as possible.

  • Signs for pedestrians are kept to a minimum too, only for way finding, directions, orientation and information.

    • Signage for pedestrian exit and if choices are possible, show this at an early stage.

      • If only one exit option, signs are only at the exit itself with its name on the exit sign.

    • Signage for lifts, parking floor and section.

    • Pictograms for customer services such as the information desk, toilets and pay-stations.

    • Information frames are used for a city plan, parkings tariffs and opening hours, special events, etc.