Brand Points

2020 / 2021

Q-Park Brand Points – February

  • Q-Park Wallpapers: just a gimmick, wallpapers are available for your mobile phone

  • Q-Park Jargon

    • P+R (not P&R) – we use the plus-sign ... + ... for P+R (Park+Ride) to align with public parking signs.

    • (We use the and-sign … & … mostly for internal combinations (Pay & Display for example)).

  • Q-Park Recap

    • The Brand Points Series was initiated to put a bit of fun/focus on the Q-Park Brand

    • On Idefix, you can find a great amount of practical tools amongst which: Q-Park Slide Deck, Q-Park Visuals, Q-Park Icons, Q-Park Templates, etc etc.

Q-Park Brand Points – December

  • Q-Park Season’s Greetings

    • Will be shared by e-mail and SocialSeeder campaign

    • Please share with business relationships, family and friends as you see fit – every unique click means we donate EUR 10 to Cordaid

  • Q-Park PowerPoint 2021 (template updated with 2021 in the footer)

    • The rest is identical to the April 2020 template

      • No Q-Park logo in the top-right corner – i.e. more space for headers

      • No grey bar at the bottom (upon request)

    • If you wish to change the Title slide visual, click on the visual, delete and replace it, then select the Layout Title slide*

      • Approved visuals may be created from Shutterstock (we have an account)

    • When adding a new slide, select one of the pre-defined layouts which fits your needs

      • *Select Home / Layout … or … Right-mouse-click and select Layout

      • The layout ‘Image bleed’ allows for a more ‘dramatic / visual story’ effect

  • Q-Park Jargon

    • Programme (not Program)

      • Q-Park Programmes such as the LED Programme, CyberSecurity Programme etc are written in British English

      • Program is American English or used for software only (i.e. software program)

    • Parking facility - we prefer to talk about parking facilities (not car parks) as we allow for more than cars to park at Q-Park i.e. bicycles, coaches etc

Q-Park Brand Points – November

  • Q-Park Colours

    • Some of us just need more colour than the standard Q-Park Red, Black & White

    • A Q-Park Charts & Graphs Colour Exercise, can be found on Idefix

  • Q-Park Expertise (available online and in pdf)

    • Showcases & Articles - Q-Park has a vast amount of information available;

      • Showcases highlight specific features which make Q-ParkQ-Park

      • Articles highlight our expertise on a variety of parking related topics

    • Information Platform

      • You and any other interested party are invited to register for our Information Platform

      • I solicit your input on topics for which a showcase or article should be created

  • Q-Park Jargon

    • Motorists (not drivers) – we use the word motorists for our parking customers (and the word drivers to address business drivers such as capital, employees, technological advancement)

    • Parking spaces (not places, spots, …) – we provide space, that’s what we do (spots may be perceived as a stain, i.e. a floor has spots)

  • Q-Park Collateral: Q-Park branded face-masks are available

Q-Park Brand Points – October

Did you know that:

  • Q-Park Brand is a masculine brand – based on its colours and shapes

    • Q-Park logo has 3 distinct angled parking spaces in its logo – 2 at the end, 1 in the Q

    • Q-Park is written with a capital Q and P with a hyphen in between (not q-Park, Q-park, Q Park, etc)

    • Use white text on red (not black, that doesn’t work for the colourblind)

  • Q-Park Presentation contents and tools are available:

    • Q-Park Slide Deck can be found on Idefix, this is a ‘deck’, not a presentation

      • Please select and adapt as you see fit- Information and/or references can be found in the speaker notes

      • This is never finished, if you have needs, please contact undersigned

    • Q-Park has a Shutterstock and a PresenterMedia account 2

  • Q-Park Jargon – Season tickets (not subscriptions)

    • This is a tough one as in most languages ‘abonnement’ works fine – not in Queens English

      • A subscription is something that comes to you (a magazine, newspaper, etc)

      • A season ticket is something you go to (football, theatre, parking)

  • Q-Park Templates (Excel, Word & PowerPoint) are available:

    • On Idefix

    • Or get them automatically by inserting a link in your personal templates location

      • In PowerPoint, go to File / Options / Save / Default personal templates location:

      • In PowerPoint, select New ... go to the tab Personal ... and you'll find the Q-Park template

      • Once you've selected this template it will be pinned for future selection

Q-Park Brand Points – September

Did you know that:

  • The Q-Park trade name was valued at EUR 65.9 million in 2019 (yes, our brand is an asset).

  • Approved Q-Park items can be found on the Idefix drive (T drive), including icons and pictures.

  • There is a Q-Park Brand Identity Manual. Please share with partners when needed.

  • If you like to have a Q-Park A5 Notepad and/or a Q-Parker Pen – just ask.

Q-Park Brand Points – Rational

You may know the expression: There's an R in the month (indicating that the weather is getting colder and the days shorter). So I thought, why not put a bit of fun/focus on the Q-Park Brand when there is a B in the month. Sure enough, the Q-Park Brand is always important but sometimes it gets on the back burner. In other words, you may expect Q-Park Brand Points in September, October, November, December and February.

Q-Park Brand Points – Support

Regardless which time or day, you may contact me regarding any Q-Park Brand Point you may have. I’m happy to assist and/or optimise in any way possible.