E-mails signatures are an important part of connecting with and information each other. E-mails sent to recipients outside Q-Park should always have a signature in the following format:

Met vriendelijke groet, / With regards, / Meilleures salutations, (use relevant language(s))
Your name

Q-Park Entity

Your position

T ­ ­ telephone number

M mobile telephone number (if applicable)

E ­ ­ e-mail address

I ­ ­ URL country website

Company name | Company address | Company postal code and city


Format telephone numbers with the international dialling code and group the digits so it is easy to read.

For example; +31 627 830 359

Do not use brackets as they limit smartphones to call the number directly!

An example;

Met vriendelijke groet, / With regards, / Meilleures salutations,

Sacha Oerlemans

Q-Park BV

Corporate Brand, Communications & CSR

T ­ +31 433 297 127

M +31 627 830 359

E ­ sacha.oerlemans@q-park.com

I ­ ­ www.q-park.com

Q-Park BV | Stationsplein 8-E | NL-6221 BT Maastricht


In some countries you are legally obliged to include the number of the Chamber of Commerce number in business e-mail correspondence. In this case, add C and coc number.


Do not add any environmental, legal, social or commercial statements (nor logos etc) to your e-mail signature.