Primary colours

The Q-Park primary brand colours are the colours we use in the logo and as element in various expressions for recognition. Of the logo colours, red stands out. Red also stands for energy, passion, strength, warmth, speed and leadership.

Figure 17 Q-Park logo colours

Black is the second primary brand colour. Where appropriate, you may also use grey tint or a percentage of black.

White is het most dominant colour in Q-Park expressions, it stands for fresh, open and clarity.

For wide-ranging applicability, clarity and strength, the colour in the master logo is restricted to two colours: black (or white in reverse use) and red.

Download colours for Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

Figure 18 Q-Park Primary Colours

Colour codes for Q-Park red:

  • CMYK: C0 M100 Y100 K0 – for full colour printing

  • Pantone: PMS 485 – for printing

  • RAL: RAL 3020 – for painting

  • RGB: R217 G3 B39 – for Office applications

  • HEX: #D90327 – for web design

  • 3M: 3630-043

Figure 19 Primary brand colour Q-Park red


If it is not possible to use colour in the logo, red may be replaced with 60 % black

Colour codes for Q-Park black:

  • CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K100 – for full colour printing

  • Pantone: Black – for printing

  • RAL: 9005 – for painting

  • RGB: R0 G0 B0 – for Office applications

  • HEX: #00000 – for web design 3630

The colour red is the most recognisable (distinguishing) colour and is used as an accent.


Red may only be used as a full background colour on certain clothing items and the Q-Park litter bins. When using the logo on a red background, use the black monochrome logo.