Social Seeder

Social Seeder is an employee advocacy and employer branding solution that gives Q-Parkers an easy way to amplify our brand's reach by sharing stories across their social networks.

Social Seeder is predominantly used to increase awareness and interest around Q-Park's Points Of Difference (PODs) and Points Of Parity (POPs) amongst the Public & Private Landlords community and their influencers. In order to spread the word, we use the social networks of all Q-Parkers and those of Managing Directors and Business Development Managers in particular.

The Social Seeder Programme supports the strategy to increase our portfolio of parking facilities.

Social Seeder, the tool, is free to use for other tactics such as;

  • Optimising the interaction between your country organisation and its employees.

  • Create a community to share news.

  • Boost social selling.

  • Attract new talent.

  • Et cetera.