Housestyle elements

For the recognition of the Q-Park Brand, several house style elements are integrated in the parking facilities. Implementation of these elements are always part of the project specific documents, provided by MH1.

Checkerplate wall

At the entrance or exit of the parking facility a checkerplate wall can be implemented to give the customer a first or final impression of the location. It is used to display the Q-Park logo and the name of the parking facility. A blue light line is added to increase the visibility and create an ambiance at the entrance and exit area.

Guiding elements

In order to guide customers or to prevent possible accidents guiding elements in different forms can be used.

  • Drawing Q.12A This element is used to guide customers in cars into the right direction. It is very often used at the entrance and exit area to divide driving aisles from pedestrian areas. A blue light line is integrated to increase visibility.

  • Drawing Q.12B If traffic in two directions is to be expected a square-boxed guiding element can be placed.

  • Drawing Q.12C If parking spaces are projected in front of glass walls, these walls can be protected by placing a round galvanised guiding rail.

Litter bin

In order to attract extra attention to the pedestrian entrance of a main staircase, the door is highlighted by a level indicator and a litter bin. Every pedestrian exits and enters the parking floor through these doors and to prevent litter from being left behind, several litter bins are to be implemented on these locations.

Stainless stale pole

When motorists are not allowed to park their car in a specific place due to safety reasons, the space can be marked with brushed stainless steel poles. Also pedestrian zones can be marked with these poles. Is it important that these poles always have the same appearance and no fences are used because of the obstruction they cause for pedestrians. Therefore measurements have to be the same, being approximately: height = 1,000 mm; width = Ø105 mm; footplate = Ø150 mm.