The Q-Park name was introduced in 1995. The Q-Park logo dates from 1996 and its brand identity elements date from 2004. The Q-Park logo is a stylised name with three illustrative ‘angled parking spaces’ and its accompanying colours (black, red and white) are always used in the same way.

Download Q-Park logo

Figure 1 Logo

Safe zone

It is important to give the logo space without adding other graphic elements. The safe zone has been defined for this purpose.

The safe zone is defined as the height of one of the illustrative angled parking spaces – we refer to this height as x. This safe zone always surrounds the logo and is always in proportion to the logo, whatever its size.

Figure 2 Logo and safe zone


For wide-ranging applicability, clarity and strength, the use of colour in the logo is restricted to two colours: black (or white in reverse use) and red. For colour references, see the Primary brand colours section.

Figure 3 Logo in master and reverse version

Figure 4 Logo in monochrome and reverse version

Q-Park logo and size parameters

We have 3 parameters for calculations within the house style, Q, x and y.

  • Q = the size of the large Q in Q-Park

  • x = the height of the angled parking space in the logo

  • y = the total width of the logo plus the pay-off

All further calculations for the various templates and grids can be made using these values.

Figure 5 Definition of parameters Q, x and y