Printed stationary

Logo positioning

The page margins are defined in terms of Q. Q is defined as the size of the capital Q in the Q-Park logo. Whatever the size or orientation of the paper, portrait or landscape, the margins are as follows:

  • Left margin: 3xQ

  • Right and top margin: 2xQ

  • Bottom margin: 4xQ

    • The horizontal red line is placed at 3xQ from the bottom of the page;

    • This space is reserved for certificate logos and references, if relevant.

The remaining width between the left and right margins is divided into 3 equal parts known as y. Y defines the width and therefore height of the Q-Park logo with pay-off.

The Q-Park logo, with or without pay-off or add-on, is always placed flush to the right-hand margin.

Figure 47 Pre-printed stationary grid (A4 portrait)

Figure 48 Pre-printed stationary grid (A4 landscape)