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Parking facilities as advertising podium

Q-Park, commercial partners and third parties may use the Q-Park parking facilities as a podium for commercial messages. This can be in many formats, for example: billboards, triangle boards, posters, product sampling, parking marked cars.

The rules are:

  • Our brand identity and quality standard are our top priority. Additional revenue is of secondary importance.

  • Q-Park has a quality standard for advertising frames.

  • We do not want media carrier overkill, we look for the best places without hindering customers.

  • Media carriers may only be placed in pedestrian zones.

  • No advertisements are permitted at the parking facility entrances or exits.

  • We do not advertise on the access and exit barriers.

  • We do not permit posters or other expressions without frames.

  • The marketing manager of each Q-Park country bears final responsibility for the advertising project. They negotiate the contract together with the country managing director.

  • The real estate manager bears final responsibility for placing and maintaining the advertising frameworks.

  • We work with preferred suppliers and media partners on a European-wide basis.

Other locations, special formats and concepts

Special locations such as off-airport parking, train stations (P+R), and motorway locations must be negotiated with Q-Park representatives. These projects are complex in nature due to other contractual commitments and political or environmental regulations. Q-Park will suggest possible locations for special formats and/or spectacular concepts. These specials require negotiation and different contracts. All Brand Identity rules apply to these special formats and need to be approved by the Corporate Brand Custodian.

Special deals, bartering and joint promotions

The Q-Park marketing manager can make special barter deals and joint promotions. These can be negotiated in the contract between Q-Park (country) and the requester. They can be used to promote Q-Park or third-party services and/or products.


Q-Park strives for the highest quality. Well-designed advertising units must be maintained and kept in top condition.

The maintenance programme should include:

  • routine maintenance activities;

  • rapid response service;

  • safety and preventive maintenance activities;

  • inspection and quality control;

  • customer service and complaint handling.

High quality products:

  • Static as well as dynamic units must be constructed with the best-tested and most reliable parts.

  • Units should be mounted into specially designed casings, in order to withstand the environmental conditions specific to parking facilities.

  • Casings should be made of aluminium and be powder coated in the desired Q-Park colour.

  • Toughened or layered safety glass must be used together with a high-quality, vandal-proof closing mechanism.

  • To prevent breakdown and defects, technical parts must be replaced before the end of the useful life span is reached.